Water Heater Repair Vancouver BC

(604) 239-8555 – hot water tank repairs in Vancouver Are looking for a plumber that can come and repair your hot water tank? Do you live in the Metro Vancouver BC area? Are you looking for a plumber that can repair your hot water tank at your home or business? We can help! We have … Read more

Tips for hiring a roofing contractor

When the time comes that you need your roof repaired or replaced whether it is in your home or commercial business there are some things you should know first about hiring а roofing contractor like Titan Contractors. А good thing to do is to take the perspective of being an employer. With this in mind, … Read more

Tips for buying a used mitre saw

Recently I decided to invest in a used mitre saw. I wanted to buy a new one but they are not cheap. I have a laminate flooring project going on in the basement and also have baseboard moulding to do so decided to bite the bullet and buy one. I’m not a big fan of … Read more