Tips for buying a used mitre saw

used Makita mitre saw

Recently I decided to invest in a used mitre saw. I wanted to buy a new one but they are not cheap. I have a laminate flooring project going on in the basement and also have baseboard moulding to do so decided to bite the bullet and buy one.

I’m not a big fan of buying a used mitre saw but saw this on Craigslist and was a fairly good price. I always liked Makita so I thought I check it out and do a few test cuts to see how the angles cut. What I did was took a few pieces of wood and made a few test cuts to see if everything was still square and cutting properly. The first cut I tried was a 90° straight cut. I checked it with my square it looks good. The next couple of cuts were 45° one on each side. I checked both angles and they seem to be close to square so decided to buy it.

I have used it a couple of times now at home everything looks good. I am glad I bought it. I have always wanted a Makita mitre saw.