About Us

About EverydayHandyman.com.

Hi my name is Scott Gray. Welcome to EverydayHandyman.com. I hope you find our site helpful.

Ever since I was a young kid I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I would drive my dad crazy taking things apart and trying to put them back together. It was easy taking things apart but not as easy to put them back together.

As I got older I knew I wanted to do something that involved using my hands so decided to start working in the construction industry.

After many years in the building and finishing homes I had an opportunity to become an auto/heavy-duty mechanic and having an interest in fixing cars on the side I decided to go for.

Fixing cars and heavy-duty trucks for a living was a lot of fun and but always liked working around my home and doing construction and handyman services for friends and family.

After having serious back issues my doctors told me to retire from heavy-duty mechanics. It was a hard thing to understanding how hard mechanics was on my back but after seeing an opportunity for building websites and marketing on the Internet I decided to go for.

I didn’t have much experience working online but knew this might be the right way to go to help prevent any future back issues. I have learned prevention is a big thing when it comes time to taking care of your back. If you can avoid putting yourself in a position to hurt your back this helps prevent any possible injuries so I knew working online was a smart decision.

After building and marketing websites for many local business I decided to take my passions, which is home repair, home remodeling, home improvement, handyman services, building websites and helping people and build a website. This is why EverydayHandyman.com was born.

The plan of the site is to create a hangout for homeowners where they can find information about taking care of their homes and find the right local contractor using our Vancouver directory.

Join me on my handyman journey to maintain and fix things around my home. If you have any questions or concerns that you like to see feel free to contact us using our contact us page.