Pressure Balanced Shower Faucets – Balance Means Comfort!

Pressure balanced shower faucets are increasingly common these days. In fact, in many cases, their use is even required by building codes. But just what’s so special about these bathroom shower faucets? As their namesake promises, pressure balanced shower faucets keep the flow of hot and cold water adjusted and regulated evenly. Think of the … Read more

Lawn Mowers: Which One is Right for Your Yard?

Lawn mowers come in a wide variety of styles and prices today so trying to find the right machine for your yard care needs can be a real challenge. Trust me, I’ve been there. The owners of our home left behind a pathetic mower which I used a couple of times then decided to replace … Read more

Lawn Sprinklers Your Yard

A lawn sprinkler is a necessity if you want to have a beautiful yard, but you need to have the right sprinkler for the job. I found this out the hard way. When my family purchased our home, the lawn was currently being watered by sprinkler hoses. The hoses were stretched across the lawn, and … Read more

Lawn Fertilizers – Creating The Lush Green Yard You Desire!

Lawn fertilizers are essential for a perfect lush yard. Have you put down your fall application yet? I’m planning to apply my fertilizer this weekend. Getting up to speed, I must admit that this is the first year I’ve handled my lawn maintenance entirely myself. When I moved into my home, the lawn and landscaping … Read more