Energy Saving Light Bulbs – Savings Worth Every Penny!

Considering energy saving light bulbs? My wife and I just made the big switch and I’m happy to tell you that it was definitely well worth it. In fact, the process has even convinced us to begin exploring energy saving water heaters and other new technologies too. Initially, my wife thought I was completely nuts … Read more

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Lawn Watering Tips I Learned the Hard Way

When my I first saw my family’s new home, I was awestruck by the beautiful rich, green lawn that surrounded it. Not only did the lawn add to the property’s appeal but I enjoyed imaging myself smiling as I did the lawn care – the lawn watering, the lawn mowing, etc. Then reality set in. … Read more

Earthquake Kit – Because It Pays To Be Prepared

Do you have an earthquake kit? Every home should have one. Yeah I know – unless you live on the west coast where earthquakes are indeed so prevalent, you’re probably saying, “Nonsense!” After all, most of us here in the USA don’t have to worry about earthquakes, right? Well, that’s easy to say, but doesn’t … Read more

Lawn Fertilizer: A Must for a Great Looking Lawn

Lawn fertilizer may not be one of the first parts of good lawn care that come to your mind, but it is crucial if you want a yard that will make the rest of your neighbors envious. Of course, learning how to properly use lawn fertilizer can be a challenge. Choosing the Right Lawn Fertilizer … Read more