Winterize Your Car to Protect It and You

Cars, trucks, vans, SUVS – whatever you’re driving – all need to be prepared for the winter. We’ve all put a lot of money into our vehicles so we don’t want a little cold weather to cut the life of our cars short. I learned the hard way you have to winterize your car if … Read more

Residential Roof Shingles: What to Know for Winter

Your home’s roof is definitely one of its most important elements. When your roof starts to go, then your whole house is literally at risk from water damage and other problems. These potential problems can be worsened during the winter when ice dams cause water and ice build ups. The good news is knowing a … Read more

Energy Star Ratings – Reviewing The Ratings For Huge Savings!

Have you seen the Energy Star ratings labels on appliances lately while shopping for new appliances? All different types of appliances are given an Energy Star rating these days – from refrigerators, freezers, window or central air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters to home electronics like televisions and computers. Of course, the Energy Star program … Read more

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What You Need to Know About Home Replacement Windows

During my family’s first winter in our new home, we discovered a nasty surprise: our windows were very drafty. That was one thing we hadn’t thought about when making our buying decision but with the costs of heating and cooling our home skyrocketing we knew we needed to do something. We decided to purchase home … Read more

Programmable Thermostat – Temperature And Budget Strike A Balance!

A programmable thermostat can save bundles when it comes to ever increasing winter heating bills.  In fact, as energy costs seem be on an endless uptrend, homeowners everywhere are being forced to attack their energy usage where it counts, resulting not only in money saved, but also an increasingly greener place to live. Last January, … Read more