Fall Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful Yard in Spring

Fall lawn care may not require quite as much effort as in the spring or summer, but if you want to keep your grass looking healthy and beautiful now is not the time to slack off. The first autumn I spent in my current home I made that mistake and ended up regretting it so … Read more

Deck Maintenance To Protect Your Deck All Winter Long

Decks are great additions to almost any home, especially if you have a gorgeous backyard or swimming pool to stare at while you enjoy the outdoors. I added a deck to our house the first year after buying the property, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. However, building that deck … Read more

Energy Saving Tips That Add Up

If you were hoping to see energy prices come down this fall and winter, you’re in for a real disappointment. The U. S. Department of Energy released a report estimating that the costs for heating in the winter of 2007 are likely to be 22% higher than last year’s. That’s a steep increase. The good … Read more

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Buying Home Insurance: A Smart Decision

If you have a home, then you need home insurance. That’s just a given. I’ve known many people who’ve had their homes damaged or who’ve had dog bites happen on their property or any number of other mishaps who were only saved from financial hardship by their home owners insurance. Even if you never need … Read more