Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator – Save Time And Your Back

There are two things that can make inflating toys, tires or household items frustrating. First, it takes time, which like most of us these days you probably don’t have enough of. Plus, when you’re inflating these items you’re often bending over for a long period of time, which takes a toll on your back. The solution is the Black & Decker ASI300 air station inflator.

This air inflator has so many features and benefits — all of them necessary, not like your cell phone — that once you use it, you’ll be hard-pressed to do without it around your home. The Black & Decker inflator weighs less than six pounds, so it’s easy to carry around in your hand.

And that’s one of the best things about the Black & Decker ASI300 inflator: because it’s so light, you can carry it anywhere, which really increases its value and usability. It comes with two cords and plugs so you can recharge it at an electrical wall outlet, or by using your car’s lighter socket.

For instance, thanks to the recession more of us are taking vacations nearer to home, so driving is the main mode of transportation. You no longer have to worry about getting a flat on the road when you have an air station inflator. Just pull over, grab it out of your trunk, and fill ’er up.

The Black & Decker ASI300 air station is also really compact, so it fits easily into your car, truck or minivan. Plus, it’s easy to store anywhere in your home. And for ladies, it has an appealing design that rivals any ultra modern vacuum cleaner.

Like modern vacuum cleaners, the Black & Decker air inflator is high powered. It reaches up to 160 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure, so it fills air more efficiently and cuts down your inflation time considerably. This not only helps you get on with other more interesting and important things you have to do; it also prevents back and shoulder pains often linked to bending over and inflating things like balls or car tires.

Plus, the Black & Decker ASI300 air station comes with different extensions — a standard tire nozzle, a needle inflator nozzle, and an extension nozzle. So you’ll be able to inflate large items such as an outdoor inflatable pool or rubber ducky boat, or smaller, more delicate items such as your toddle’s arm swimmies or floats, or any type of ball.

Controlling the pressure when you’re inflating different-sized items is also made easy and time friendly. It has a feature called the EZ air dial, which shuts down when it reaches the air pressure you set.

If you’re in the market for an air inflator check out the Black & Decker ASI300 air station inflator, which is an absolute steal right now at Amazon, where you can get it for nearly 60 percent off the regular price.