Toro Electric Leaf Blower – Enjoy Quick and Easy Yard Maintenance

If you’re tired of having to sweep up those messy leaves, cut grass, twigs, or dead flowers all over your lawn or backyard, relax. Whether you want to spruce up your garden or keep your lawn looking neat, the Toro electric leaf blower makes cleaning up your yard less of a hassle at a very budget-friendly price.

A big advantage for homeowners is that the Toro electric leaf blower combines many features you can find in separate machines — so it actually saves you money. It has three key functions — it’s a blower, a vacuum, and a leaf shredder/mulcher, which can reduce 10 bags of leaves into just one.

The Toro electric blower with vacuum kit is lighter and more powerful than gas-powered hand-held leaf blowers. It weighs just over seven pounds so it’s ideal for any homeowner, including anyone who struggles with arthritis or joint pain. The Toro also has a 12-amp motor and offers various features to make yard clean up more efficient, so you can spend more time relaxing in your garden, rather than cleaning it.

The Toro electric blower isn’t as noisy as other blowers. It reaches between 63 and 67 decibels, but you should still protect your ears when you’re using it. Also, because of its power, you’ll beautify your yard clean in no time so you won’t annoy the neighbors too much.

Although the Toro is powerful, you don’t have to worry about damaging your plants or vegetable garden. The 12-amp motor allows variable speeds so you can lower the speed when blowing around shrubs, smaller plants, or your growing vegetables. This feature may also help you if you suffer from outdoor allergies because less dust blows up at the lower speed.

The vacuum on the Toro electric blower has a maximum air speed of 225 mph, so it can pick up tons of leaves at once. This shortens the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning up even more, compared to using a rake. It’s also more efficient than a rake at getting rid of those pesky little flowers that shed in spring.

If you’re using a Toro leaf blower to mulch leaves, you should know that it has serrated metal blades. They increase the blower’s efficiency and durability, giving it an advantage over leaf blowers that are made of plastic parts.

One of the accessories that you may like is the blower vac replacement bag, which is a durable canvas bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. It has a large opening that makes it simpler for you to dump leaves or debris after you’re finished cleaning up your yard. Other accessories include the Toro leaf collector that has an eight-foot hose, and a 43-gallon gardening spring bucket.

You can also breathe easy for two years, which is how long the Toro Electric Leaf Blower’s residential warranty lasts. It will cost you about $70 to $79 at Amazon. It’s a great investment for anyone who wants to increase their curb appeal or backyard entertainment area.