Epoxy Garage Floor Paint – Protect Your Floor Forever

Applying a coat of epoxy garage floor paint to your floor will not only add beauty to your garage but will protect your concrete floor from grease, oil and the outdoor elements.

Epoxy is a tough, long lasting coating you can apply on top of concrete. It resists grease, oil, solvents and tons of other things that would damage most floors. An epoxy floor will handle most car traffic, salt, oil, chemicals and any scraping. It’s a tough floor finish that will last for many years.

Epoxy floor paint is easily applied but most the work is done in the cleaning and the prep stages. Any grease or dirt will compromise the adhesion process that’s why the cleaning and the prep are the most important parts. Take your time and make sure your floor is extremely clean.

In order to make your job easier might want to consider renting a walk behind power floor scrubber. You can use this to help speed up the cleaning and etching process. Be sure the floors cover comes with a stiff brush. You might want to have a backup one just in case you’re brush wears out. Also having a newer brush will clean the floor better than using the brush until it wears out. Use the new brush until it shows signs of wear and then change it.

Another tool you might want to think about renting if you don’t have one is a let dry vacuum cleaner. This will allow you to vacuum up the dirt as well as any water that pools in the corners. The cleaner you keep your floor the better chance the proxy will stick.

Applying epoxy floor paint is a step-by-step process. Follow the steps below to help you get the overall idea of applying epoxy paint on your floor. Be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations.

Step 1: Prep the area. Cover unwanted areas with masking tape and plastic

Step 2: Sweep and vacuum the floor

Step 3: Wash the floor with a concrete degreaser

Step 4: Etch the floor with a 10:1 ratio of water to muriatic acid solution

Step 5: Prepare the epoxy paint

Step 6: Apply the first coat

Step 7: Apply the color flakes if you like

Step 8: Prepare the top coat

Step 9: Apply the top coat

Taking the timeout of your busy schedule and epoxying your garage floor is one of the best investments you can make for keeping your garage floor clean and protected from the elements. Once applied following the manufacturers instructions your garage will look fantastic. With a little planning and scheduling you can have your floor applied in no time.