Important Tips for Buying Car Tires

When your car breaks down, you expect to spend quite a bit of money to fix the problem. You don’t usually think of spending hundreds of dollars for maintenance but that’s what happens when you are buying car tires. To help you get the most from your investment, you should follow some basic tips. Buying … Read more

Windshield Wipers – Keep Them Clean To Keep Them Effective!

Having good windshield wipers is essential to safe driving and proper visibility. The benefits of perfectly functioning wiper blades is especially important in the winter months as snow and ice often seem to plot against our ever important need to see where we’re going as we drive down the road. Naturally, pre-winter is an excellent … Read more

The Best Car Battery Replacement Info You Should Know

Nothing can be as frustrating as getting ready for work, going out to your garage, turning the key in the ignition, and not having your car start. That’s a stressful time because you’re wondering what’s wrong and how much you’ll have to spend for repairs and how long you’ll be without your vehicle. If you … Read more

Winterize Your Car to Protect It and You

Cars, trucks, vans, SUVS – whatever you’re driving – all need to be prepared for the winter. We’ve all put a lot of money into our vehicles so we don’t want a little cold weather to cut the life of our cars short. I learned the hard way you have to winterize your car if … Read more

Car Tire Wear Marks – Know When It’s Time For New Tires

Car tire wear marks are intended increase our awareness.  But unfortunately, they’re all too often ignored.  Do you know where to look? Until recently, I’ve always been a subscriber to the old penny tire test – you’ve probably heard of it –stick a penny with Lincoln’s head pointed down into the tire tread.  If you … Read more