Tips for hiring a roofing contractor

When the time comes that you need your roof repaired or replaced whether it is in your home or commercial business there are some things you should know first about hiring а roofing contractor like Titan Contractors. А good thing to do is to take the perspective of being an employer. With this in mind, … Read more

Best Insulation For Homes – It’s About More Than Just The R-Value

When choosing the best insulation for homes, it’s important to consider several aspects. You might have heard of the R-Value rating that’s often used when comparing different types of insulation. Indeed, it’s one important measure, but certainly not the end all be all. What are insulation R-Values all about anyway? The technical definition tends to … Read more

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How To Repack Wheel Bearings – Do It Yourself And Save Money!

Know how to repack wheel bearings? Let’s face it – it’s not very often that we even think about automotive repairs like this, yet alone routine maintenance. We just drive and take our cars or trucks to be serviced if something goes wrong. But did you know it’s actually still considered routine maintenance on many … Read more

How to Hang a Picture – Perfect Pointers

How to hang a picture may not seem like a difficult question until you actually get started.  There’s more to displaying the picture in an appealing way than just putting a nail in the wall and placing the picture on the wall. Actually, one of the first things I learned when I started hanging our … Read more