How to Hang a Picture – Perfect Pointers

How to hang a picture may not seem like a difficult question until you actually get started.  There’s more to displaying the picture in an appealing way than just putting a nail in the wall and placing the picture on the wall.

Actually, one of the first things I learned when I started hanging our family portraits throughout our home was just how tricky the process is, especially without a second person to give you a hand.  Here are some strategies that should show you how to hang a picture properly.

How to Hang a Picture:  Getting the Proper Tools

Before you start trying to learn how to hand a picture properly, you need to gather the correct tools.  First, you need to decide the weight of the object you want to hang on the wall.  Most pictures are light enough that an ordinary nail will be sufficient for hanging, but a better choice is a wall hook.  These hooks are created to hold different weights of items so you’ll need to choose the right hook for the weight of your photo.  If you are trying to hang a portrait in a very heavy frame, then consider purchasing wood screws instead.  Obviously, you’ll need either a hammer or a screwdriver depending on the hanging method you choose.

Additionally, you’re going to need a good level.  Spend a little extra to get the models which offer the most useful features.  Remember you can get reusing that level for a long time so it’s worth the investment.  You’ll also need a stud finder, a tape measure, and a pencil.

How to Hang a Picture Properly – The Process

Once you’ve gathered all of your equipment you’ll need to decide where to hang the picture.  Having a second person around can come in handy at this stage because you can experiment with holding the picture against the wall until you find the best spot.  Remember to hang pictures at different heights depending on the furniture and other wall hangings.

After you select a spot, you’ll need to find the center mark.  If you want to center the picture over a piece of furniture, then measure the width of the furniture piece.  Otherwise, measure the width of the wall.  Mark the center with the pencil.  Now you’ll want to find the center mark on the picture you’ll be hanging.

Make sure to install the picture fastener you’ve chosen.  If you’re using wood screws, you’ll have to use the stud finder because those screws should be placed directly into the wall stud for extra strength.  You’ll want to avoid the studs if you’re using nails or hooks.

You can then hang the picture on the fastener.  Use the level to hang the picture correctly.

After you know how to hang a picture properly, you can experiment with placing pictures at different heights and in different positions relative to the furniture in your home.  Experimenting can help you create a unique feel to your photos.  For example, I’ve hung some of our children’s pictures in a stair step formation instead of in a vertical or horizontal row.  The different form makes the photo more visually interesting.