Read The Instructions – Save Time And Prevent The Hassle

Have you ever assembled something without reading the instructions and had problems. The other day I was at my friend’s house and he just bought an air compressor and was putting the oil into the pump. After adding a bit of oil and then rechecking the dipstick 5-6 times to see if it was at … Read more

Always Check For Level – Never Assume Or Doomed

Never assume things are level and plumb. One or my first home jobs I was doing was putting in a new window in a basement suite bedroom. I had to remove the drywall and reframe the wall to the opening of the window. I framed everything square but when I put it all back together … Read more

Gas Weed Eater – Hard To Start Tip

Have you ever had your weed eater stop after you were using it and when you went to start it again it wouldn’t start. This happened to me and I had to leave the weeding and start cutting the grass. Before the grass I cleaned up the dog poop first. After the poop was cleaned … Read more

Tips For Buying A Fillet Knife

Last weekend I filleted some sockeye salmon and it was a lot of work. One thing that made the job easier was to use a sharp fillet knife. Having a great knife makes all the difference in the world when it comes time to fillet. I have filleted many fish using a dull knife and … Read more