Push Lawnmowers VS Self Propelled – Tips For Better Grass Cutting

Is you back sore after you finish cutting the grass? Do you have a self-propelled or do you use a push lawnmower? If you use a self-propelled lawnmower this might help your back. Using one will easy the strain on the back get your grass cut quicker because you don’t have to push it.

I have and use a push rotary lawnmower and it is a lot of work and it hurts my back every time . Every time I cut the grass I ask myself when am I going to buy a self-propelled mower.

It sure would help my back. If you are thinking about which one to buy I would buy a self propelled mower over a push one anytime.

They are a little bigger and heavier than a push mower but you just walk behind it with little effort.  You can set the speed on some model to the speed you walk which makes it easier to cut the grass. Self propelled lawnmowers come in front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. The front wheeled ones chew up your grass when turning and a rear wheel drive doesn’t.  If you are looking at purchasing one a rear wheel drive does a better job and cost about the same as a front wheeled one.

I wish I had one. Next lawnmower I get will definitely be a self-propelled model.