Tips For Buying A Fillet Knife

Last weekend I filleted some sockeye salmon and it was a lot of work. One thing that made the job easier was to use a sharp fillet knife. Having a great knife makes all the difference in the world when it comes time to fillet. I have filleted many fish using a dull knife and it was not fun. It takes way more time and you don’t actually fillet the fish, you rip the meat from the bone. Not only does this take more time it damages the meat. If you are going to invest in a knife make sure it is a quality knife. The knife I use is a Swedish and it cost a lot. A quality knife holds the edge so it stays sharp longer. Once it dulls it is easy to sharpen with a diamond sharpener. Cheap knives dull quickly and if you are filling through bones your knife will be dull in no time.  If you are looking to invest in a knife I recommend spending some money. I have gone thought the route of using cheap knives and now I spent the money and I’m glad I did.