A Weatherproof Deck Box As An Outdoor Storage Solution

If you make full use of your yard for outdoor living then the chances are you have quite a lot of garden tools, patio accessories, pool accessories and other items that need storage. Such storage can be to keep the yard tidy or the items protected from the weather at the end of the day and ready for winter. Most often a combination of both reasons can come into play. In considering a flexible solution to these outdoor storage issues,  it is a good idea to consider a weatherproof deck box.

A first step before you start looking at deck boxes is to think long and hard about how much storage capacity you might need to accommodate everything that requires storing. By piling all the items you want to store you will get some idea of what size deck box you might need. Remember it is the internal capacity of the box that is critical and not the outer measurements. Having made the assessment it is probably wise to allow extra capacity. It is better to have too big a box than one that is too small. There’s a good chance when spring and summer come around you will by buying something new that will need storing, especially if you have young children.

Once you have a rough idea of size then it is time to start looking at the deck boxes on the market that might fit your needs. The likely sources of your ideal deck box are from Suncast or Rubbermaid if you prefer maintenance free resin furniture and storage units for the yard. You can also find deck boxes made of hardwood but some maintenance will be required with those, so it is a good idea to focus on maintenance free products.

When you start a serious search for a new deck box keep in mind that it will surely be used as a seat on occasions. It is a good idea to go for one that at least has a lid that has been contoured as a possible seat, adding some comfort where otherwise there would be none. Both Suncast and Rubbermaid have large deck boxes that have had seating comfort considered. For example the Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra Large Deck Box had seating very much in mind when it was designed. The all important interior measurements for the 5E39 are 56-1/2 by 21 by 22-1/2 inches and it is constructed of tough polyethylene which is good for weatherproofing. From Suncast an example is the Suncast DB9750 Extended DeckBox/Seat. The inside measurements are 52 x 26 x 22.75 inches and it is constructed from durable plastic resin.

You will find most of the Rubbermaid and Suncast deck boxes and benches are delivered ready to assemble. They are usually very simple to put together with easy interlocking panels which you will put together very quickly. That tiny inconvenience is soon balanced by the easy wipe clean maintenance that will see your new storage solution on the deck for quite a few years to come.