Sit and Store With a Suncast Deck Box

For homeowners and garden lovers who love to keep their garden tidy but are short of storage space, deck boxes are a great idea. If you tend to have garden tools, children’s toys, pool accessories and other small items just scattered around the garden, then a Suncast deck box is well worth considering. A deck box can provide supplementary outdoor storage. In some cases that may be enough to prevent you spending a lot of money on a new garden shed, to replace the old one which is too small and cluttered but still in good condition.

Another attraction of having a Suncast deck box is that it can provide extra seating on the deck. If you have extra visitors, or you just want somewhere to sit for a coffee break while gardening, a deck box can provide that casual sitting without you having to get a luxury patio chair out of the garage or storage shed. Such convenience can make life in the garden more enjoyable while saving you money, reducing the need for new patio chairs or a new shed. Dual purpose deck boxes are certainly one of the most useful garden innovations in recent decades.

An important consideration in choosing deck boxes for outdoor storage is whether they will stand up to the weather. There is no point buying an attractive deck box which is likely to deteriorate quickly.  That is a problem which Suncast has addressed with its designs and choice of materials. You will find if you examine a Suncast deck box that it is built to last years outside. They are normally made of a durable weatherproof poly-resin plastic that is both easy to clean and light enough to move around. In fact some models have wheels to make the box seats maneuverable whatever size you might choose. If you prefer the look of wicker then a wicker resin alternative such as the Suncast SSW1200 and larger options may be suitable for you.

Suncast do acknowledge that a deck box is likely to be sat upon, simply because it is there. To make it that little bit more comfortable the lids on some models, such as the SS1100, have been made to look and feel more like seats rather than just lids for boxed storage. Larger models tend to be benches rather than seats, but are still built to be as comfortable as possible. A Suncast deck box may not be a luxurious patio bench or chair, but is certainly a good dual purpose alternative.

Sizes and shapes in the Suncast deck box range do vary greatly. The smaller box shaped storage seats and small benches sell for under a $100, while an extra large model might be $200 and more. The Suncast range is being added to each season it seems, so it is always worth checking the Suncast deck box range regularly until you have made your final choice. One thing you can be sure of is finding a practical yet attractive solution to storing all those accessories, toys, tools and extras. Plus somewhere else to sit.