Epoxy Garage Floor Paint – Protect Your Floor Forever

Applying a coat of epoxy garage floor paint to your floor will not only add beauty to your garage but will protect your concrete floor from grease, oil and the outdoor elements. Epoxy is a tough, long lasting coating you can apply on top of concrete. It resists grease, oil, solvents and tons of other … Read more

Dealing with Common Floor Tile Problems

Description: Replacing floor tiles leads to problems matching grout colors, finding the right ceramic tiles, and more, but it is doable if you know all of your options. Dealing with Common Floor Tile Problems After I bought my first home, one of the first jobs I took on was to replace the floor tiles in the … Read more

How To Remove Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring

Removing vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring can a big pain the butt. Today I went for it and took off the old linoleum/vinyl flooring in our kitchen. I have been putting it off for years. The floor we have is linoleum glued to the wood floor and on top of that is a kitchen carpet. … Read more