How to Mow Your Lawn – For Great Looking Grass

You may never have wondered how to mow your lawn before. After all, isn’t it as easy as just pushing the mower over the grass until it’s all the same height? That’s basically what I thought. Then my family purchased a new home with a very large yard, and I was facing two challenges: mow … Read more

Car Tire Wear Marks – Know When It’s Time For New Tires

Car tire wear marks are intended increase our awareness.  But unfortunately, they’re all too often ignored.  Do you know where to look? Until recently, I’ve always been a subscriber to the old penny tire test – you’ve probably heard of it –stick a penny with Lincoln’s head pointed down into the tire tread.  If you … Read more

Don’t Buy a Weed Eater Until You Read This

No matter how large of a yard you have, there’s a good chance you need a weed eater to help you take care of those areas where traditional lawn mowers just can’t reach. They can also be effective at removing grass and weeds from smaller patches of area. Before you purchase a weed eater for … Read more