Vinyl Flooring – Creating Style On A Budget

Vinyl flooring has long been the last choice for many homeowners for one reason: they think it’s ugly!  In more recent days however, there have been more attractive prints, colors and styles available.

Not to mention in today’s economy, vinyl flooring tiles is now becoming a cheaper alternative to making your bathroom shine in a different kind of light!

However, if you have enough room to splurge a bit, there are vinyl floor coverings available in premium designs and shades that can add depth and character to any bathroom floor.  So guess what?  Vinyl has finally left the record shelves and now has a million and one ways to wow and surprise you.

The good news is that whatever you decide to spend extra on, more expensive vinyl tile flooring can be recovered through sweat equity.  If you’re into DIY, then this project is an easy one to plan and execute.

Vinyl floor coverings are easy to install and to cut (if needed).  It can’t hurt if you are a little obsessive, because making sure that that you have glued and laid out the vinyl tile flooring properly ensures a successful project!

If any of the corners look like they are coming unglued, just make sure the backing is free of dirt or grime (as this will make it hard to re-stick to the floor) before you glue it back on.

Now, if you are working with floor covering that has a singular pattern, there is an extra challenge for you to line it up to meet the connecting lines and spaces.  It’s pretty much like putting up a brick wall.

You may want to use a string to make sure your lines are even and straight (unless you really don’t care if it comes out straight or not).  The smell of the glue can give you a headache so give yourself some time in between laying out your masterpiece and keep the area well ventilated.

It’s much better to work with solid colors when dealing with vinyl, but where’s the fun in that?  Feel free to try out different patterns and hues to give you bathroom floor a look that is unmatched and maybe even unique.

After your vinyl flooring has been installed, caring for it is pretty simple.  Like with most floors, keep it dry so that it doesn’t grow any mold or mildew (it can also get pretty slippery).   A well-chosen bathroom rug can bring out the beauty of your floors, especially if you are using inlaid vinyl tile flooring.

Dropping anything on the floor will not hurt it, but don’t drag anything on top of it because you might tear the surface. Keep extra tiles handy in case that happens.

For the green customer, you will be happy to know that with proper care of your vinyl, it will last a long time with little to no effect on the environment, as long as it is disposed of in a responsible manner.

For great ideas be sure to check out the online merchants as they offer great selection and you can browse in the comfort of your own home.