Toro Self-Propelled Rear Wheel Drive Personal Pace Lawn Mower Review

Toro self propelled personal pace lawn mower
Toro lawn mower

For the second time this year and I am sure glad I bought a new lawnmower last year. I put off buying a new lawnmower for years because the other one worked okay. Our new one is a Toro self-propelled and has rear wheel drive with personal pace, which I think is an amazing feature to have. You just walk and the lawnmower speeds up and slows down with the pace of your walking.

Cutting the grass with the new lawnmower is way easier than using our old lawnmower I wish I had bought a new one years ago. So much more power and I also have had great results with the bagging of the grass.

I remember our old Sears lawnmower it would get clogged and wouldn’t throw the grass into the catcher very well and would clog up. With this new Toro lawnmower no problems with throwing the grass into the catcher.

When I came inside I decided to check it out on Amazon to review it and and see what they had to say. I bought the lawnmower last year and just drained out of gas over winter time and added new gas this year. After adding the new gas it started with the first pull.

When I checked it out on Amazon it had a very low rating so not sure what’s up with that. It has worked great for me. So far so good. Keep my fingers crossed.

I have always thought about a cordless lawnmower to help save energy and the planet. I haven’t seen one in action but they seem pretty popular on Amazon so I decided to check it out.

I came across this one and it has one of the best reviews for cordless lawn mowers on Amazon. It is the Black & Decker cordless electric self-propelled lawn mower. It also has a removable battery so this helps with recharging.

Black and Decker cordless electric self propelled lawnmower
Black and Decker cordless electric lawnmower

It’s one of those things you know it’s good for the planet but how well is a cordless lawnmower going to cut my grass.

Some of the cordless electric lawn mowers are self propelled, which makes it easier to cut your grass. Our gas lawnmower has rear wheel drive and it works amazing so I would deftly get a self propelled lawnmower if I was looking for a new one.

Having the rear wheel drive the lawn mower seems to be more stable and the wheels don’t seem to slip. On our old front wheel drive lawnmower the wheels seem to slip especially when the bag full of grass and weight shifted to the rear.

We have a big yard with lots of grass so if I am sure if I emptied the bag to the sooner I might not have had a problem with the wheels slipping.

Anyway not sure what’s up with the lower review for the Toro self-propelled rear wheel drive lawnmower. So far so good. This is our second year using our lawnmower and couldn’t be happier.