Steps to understand on the ways to seal your granite counter tops

You recently got a granite countertop set up in your house, however the unfortunate thing is that you are not aware of how to seal your countertop – exactly what should you do? Indeed, a granite countertop is among the very best attributes of a house, but not a lot of people realize that it requires great care and maintenance, such as sealing it. If you do not know how to seal your granite countertop, here are some considerations that you may want to remember:

Does your granite countertop require sealing?

Not every granite countertops require sealing. All granite countertops are porous, but some tend to be more dense than the others. The more dense your granite countertop is, the more capable it is from stopping stains regardless if it is not sealed. If you’re not certain whether your granite countertop calls for sealing, execute a water test.

With this water test, all you need to do is sprinkle several drops of water on the granite countertop. Right after 15 to 20 minutes, look at the countertop. If the drops of water are still present on your countertop, there is no need to seal your granite countertop. But, if the water has soaked and the countertop looks tarnished, you do have to seal your granite countertop.

What sealant should you buy?

If you need to seal your granite countertop, you must then search what sealant is the best for your granite countertop. There are many cheap sealants available in the market nowadays, however these inexpensive sealants will not likely give you the exact same amount of protection as those that are more expensive. Cheap sealants may additionally need re-applying more frequently, whereas expensive kinds need only one application every once in a while.

Choose a sealant that will need merely one application immediately after every 10 years or possibly even longer. This specific sealant might come expensive to start with, nevertheless the need to seal your granite countertop once in ten years is a lot more cost-effective in the end when compared with having to reseal your countertop yearly. You may inquire with your friends or even family what sealant they are using and how efficient this specific sealant is. You may also ask your local granite countertop company what sealants they can advise.

How to seal your granite countertop?

Right after determing the best quality sealant for your granite countertop, employing it occurs next. Listed below are the steps you need to adhere to for you to efficiently seal your granite countertop:

1. Put away all things that are on your countertop and after that clean it extensively by using a low-abrasive solution. Wipe the top of the countertop using a tissue and let it to dry totally.

2. Using a clean towel or perhaps a brush, carefully apply a generous amount of sealant on your countertop in a rounded motion. Make certain every area are coated accordingly.

3. After applying the sealant, allow it to dry for about 1 hour. If it has entirely dried up, eliminate the excess sealant using a clean, dry material.

4. Do not use your countertop for the next 12 hours. In addition, ensure that you prevent any dampness on the newly-sealed granite countertop. After 12 hours have passed, clean the granite countertop with water as well as mild soap.

Granite countertops improve the feel of the inside of your property. And, ensuring that you seal your granite countertop can make it go on for an extended period of time. Sealing it can also help prevent unsightly stains as well as unnecessary bacteria and germs to stay on the countertop. Utilize each one of these measures regarding how to seal your granite countertop for that amazing and also longer-lasting granite countertop finish.