A Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Precision Cutting and Accuracy

As Scott was sitting in his comfortable easy chair enjoying the latest episode of his favorite home repair show, his wife came in to join him. The show was all about different kinds of mouldings, how they could be cut with a sliding compound miter saw and the many uses in the home. Usually Scott’s wife was not especially interested in these kinds of television programs, but today she was tuned in with as much excitement as Scott.

Just a week earlier, she had mentioned to Scott that the mouldings in their recently re-decorated bedroom could use some major updating so that they would better match the new design. She really had no idea what kinds were available nor did she know that a sliding compound miter saw was an excellent tool for this kind of job. But by the look on her face, Scott knew that installing new mouldings in the bedroom was definitely going to be his next home project.

Starting the Project
When they visited the local lumber store to purchase the mouldings, Scott and his wife decided on a few different kinds. They would purchase some crown mouldings for the ceiling, high colonial baseboard and a smaller width for the door casings. Scott knew that the best tool for this task would indeed be the sliding compound miter saw because it was easily adaptable and could make detailed and accurate cuts for every moulding size. 

At home, Scott checked online for the latest sliding compound miter saws and considered purchasing one online. There were very good deals and he could have the miter saw within a few days. Plus, he knew that it would be a good investment because his wife was considering replacing the mouldings throughout the house and he would be able to use a sliding compound miter saw for a lot of other home projects as well. He thought about how useful it would be when he built that new garden shed in the backyard this coming spring too. 

Scott looked at the specs for a very nice Delta miter saw and really like the features that came with it. The 10” sliding compound miter saw that he really liked came with a stand, 120V-5000RPM motor, and a built-in arbor lock. It also had miter stops and work clamps as well as an 11 ½” maximum cut width and a 3 5/8” cut depth which would be more than enough for the mouldings. Scott really liked all the safety features and knew that if might be a little more expensive, but if he purchased one of the higher end models, it would be a very durable and long lasting tool that he would have for many years to come. 

There was also a great Makita sliding compound miter saw that had some really nice options. Scott took a close look and liked the features that it offered. It had a 12” blade diameter and came with a built in laser and a fluorescent light. The laser was a very attractive option because it ensured micro fine adjustments and would show the exact cut line for the mouldings. And it even came with a powerful 15 amp motor and 9 stops for the most common miter cuts. The large turn base and adjustable pivot fence would make it much easier for larger cuts when he started building the new garden shed.

Great Ease of Use
Although Scott was very impressed with the Delta miter saw, he decided to purchase the Makita simply because of his own personal preferences. Both sliding compound miter saws were excellent products and he did have a rather tough time deciding which one to purchase. As soon as the new saw arrived, he started working on the new mouldings. The job was so much easier and he was absolutely amazed at the precision and accuracy of all the cuts. 

He read the manual front to back several times and learned a great deal about his Makita miter saw. He started with a few extra pieces of moulding so that he could become familiar with the product and practise cutting. Taking small cuts first to get the perfect angle was a very good idea so that he could make sure that the mouldings joined well and looked very professional. 

When the job was complete, Scott and his wife were very pleased with the results. The bedroom looked absolutely wonderful and they were both impressed with the high quality and performance of the Makita sliding compound miter saw. It was an outstanding tool that was worth its weight in gold. Scott couldn’t wait to start his garden shed because he knew that it would certainly be an easy and enjoyable project now that he had the right tool for the job!

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