Portable Sliding Table Saws – The Portable Power Tool

Portable sliding table saws allow you to make extremely accurate cuts and they allow you more freedom too. With normal table saws you control how firmly the material you are cutting is held where as with the sliding version there is a fence that holds the wood in place when getting cut by the saw. The sliding table saw actually makes the whole cutting process a lot easier because the saw itself moves with the wood that is secured to it. In a nutshell, you don’t have to feed the wood into the blade.

A portable table saw is a must have for all beginner woodworkers and because it is portable you can bring it anywhere. They are basically used for cutting and ripping up large sheets of wood, squaring the ends of lumbar, and are the idea tool if you find yourself making a new wooden fence or garden gate. They even allow you to cut and create your own deck.

Most big brand names have portable table saws and sliding version too so you do have an excellent choice. Some of the most popular brands are the Delta, Dewalt, and Bosch table saw.

As with any power tool there are some tips and safety precautions that you should adhere to. Table saws are dangerous and you need to insure that you read your manual thoroughly and wear protective safety gear at all times. You should always use a push stick because this will make sure that your hands are always kept clear of the spinning blade. Always be aware of the possibility of kick back, this is when a piece of wood gets caught between the fence and the blade and jams.  The kick back from this can cause serious accidents.

Choose a model that has an easy-off switch which will allow you to turn off you saw quickly in case of an accident. If you have children in your home or where you are working a removable switch is an excellent safety feature. This ensures that you saw cannot be turned on by anyone.

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