A Bench Grinder – Your Essential Grinding Tool

A bench grinder is a tool that is used to sharpen or grind most metals or steel. It contains a motorized grinder and is normally attached to a bench which means that it is at working height. The most common use for these grinders is for sharpening tools and grinding metals. If you work with wood this is something that you probably need to invest in.

Like all power tools, you do have a choice when it comes to grinders like Makita and Delta bench grinders are among the most popular choices. These grinders are designed for precision work so you do need to have a good eye and a careful touch. Grinders are not just for sharpening tools. If you fit a wire wheel you can use your grinder to remove rust.; Using a buffering wheel is another option which you can polish metal.You can also use your grinder to sharpen everyday items such as scissors, mower blades, and even your garden shears.

Like all power tools there are some safety precautions that you should follow. Protective eye wear is a must and this is to stop any sparks or metal filing getting into your eyes. If you are working on something that is going to take a long time you may also need to use hearing protection.

When using your grinder, the tool rest should always be mounted slightly below the center of the grinding wheel and there should be less than 3mm clearance from the wheel. The reason for this is to prevent anything jamming between the tool rest and the wheel.

Grinding wheels aren’t meant for use on soft metals. Soft metal clogs the grinding wheel surface and your grinder will not grind because the wheel looses it’s grit. You would need to resurface the wheel with a special resurfacing tool. The wheel becomes smaller and you will have to move the fence closer to achieve the right clearance.

Your grinder should always be securely mounted to your bench to prevent vibration, moving around and injury. You should ensure that you have an emergency stop switch or pedal for emergencies. Extra care should always be taken if your grinder is fitted with a wire brush. These brushes can be extremely dangerous especially when the metal wires detach from the wheel.