Belt Sander Reviews – Helping You Choose The Best

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When reading a belt sander review they can seem a little complicated and in order to help you out with this we have list some of the items that you should look at. A belt sander is a power tool and you will use it to smooth wood and other materials so that they look finished. You hold them in your hand and the sander moves over the material.

In order to get the best out of your belt sander you need to practice. The key to this is all about control. These tools can be very aggressive and if you apply too much pressure you might just take off more than you aimed for. A good tool design is also important.

When you are looking for the best belt sander here are a few things you should look at. The sander you choose should help you achieve a flat smooth surface, have comfortable handles, easy adjustments, and straight tracking. A good belt sander can also remove tough materials such as paint, glue, and even varnish.

Most tool manufacturers have belt sanders but one of the best models is made by DeWalt but Makita and Hitachi make excellent models as well. There are two body styles that you can choose from and these are low profile and traditional. Both provide excellent results. The position of your handles is important for comfort and maneuverability. Flat top sanders can be used as stationary tools as well and this is great if you are shaping small parts or doing some edging.

The sander you choose should have a speed switch and this is very useful especially if you are sanding a floor that you have just repaired or even sanding a countertop or table top before revarnishing. Variable speed dials work best. The belt release mechanism should be easy to use because remember you are going to be replacing the sand paper quite regularly. You should avoid plastic release levers as they might snap.

A few other things to look at will include the platen and finish quality, whether the sander can sand in corners, and the dust collection system. The dust collection system is important and you should check the quality of the dust bags supplied and where they are positioned. On some models they can actually restrict your view.

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