Pest Control Tips Richmond BC – Keep The Varments Away

pest control garden shedThe other night, I was at a friend’s house in Richmond, BC. He asked me to check out his garden shed for any damage from pests and to see if it needed any kind of preventive maintenance work to stop any intruders.

He recently moved into his new home and he wanted to ask me to check out his garden shed to prevent any squirrels, rat, mice and racoons making their way inside. He was going to call a pest control company but I thought I would take a look at his shed for him.

I went along the side of the shed and looked up at the roof and the corner post as well as the rafters. You can see all these squirrel damage up in there. There is all kinds of recent wear, fresh wood and chewed marks.

There has been old area of chewing but has been stained before over the years. Also it looks like they have put some chicken wire up in the rafters to prevent any squirrels, rats and mice getting into the shed.

garden shed pest controlYou can see that the corner where all the pests have tried to get in, but under the roofing they put some chicken wire up in there for some pest control. If you look behind the chicken wire it looks like they might have put a 2 by 4 for extra prevention.

It looks like the old siding from the side of the shed, and then there’s a 2 by 4 and then there is this chicken wire. Maybe they put the chicken wire on first. It didn’t work properly and the animals still got in, so maybe they put these 2 by 4 pieces in there the second time.

This is a very good idea if you want to keep the critters out of your garden shed, but this is not a do it your selfer. I guess you could do it yourself but it is quite technical and requires some skills.

You might want to give your local pest control company a call. This is not a job for everyone so you might want to give them a call. This is a hard job and you want to do it eight.

Your local pest control company might suggest on what you should do and what actions you need to do to prevent any critters getting into your garden shed.

Looking at my friend’s garden shed everything looks fine. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere for any rodents and pests can get in. The previous owner seal things up good and tight.