Paint Brushes – Tips For Keeping Clean And For Lasting Longer

Have you ever went to start a painting project and when you checked your paint brushes they were all hard and crusty on the end? This is because when you washed the brush the last time it was used you left the brush to dry lying down or standing up to dry.

What happens when you clean your brush all the paint slim that collects in the brush that doesn’t get washed out settles to the end of the bristles. You can wash the brush forever but it is almost impossible to get everything out.

A way to prevent crusty and stiff bristles is to store the brush upside down with the tip of the brush pointing towards the ceiling after washing it. This way all the stuff that didn’t get washed out will settle in the handle area to dry. This allows the tip to remain soft and pliable and will add years to your brush. Be sure to store your brush in the package it can with after it dries. This will also keep the bristles clean and together add years to your brush.