Home Improvement Projects – Second Opinions Always Save The Day!

I love tackling home improvement projects myself.  The satisfaction and gratification of remodeling and completing projects is such a great feeling.  However, if there’s one sure thing I’ve learned over the years in the process, it’s that it always pays to get a second opinion on your home projects before actually beginning the work.

Simply asking a neighbor or friend, regardless of their expertise, can save tons of trouble in the long run.  I’ll attest to this first hand.

Just a few months ago, my wife and I were watching our favorite weeknight T.V. show when she noticed water slowly dripping from the ceiling.  Well, we have an upstairs bathroom directly above the site where the drip was occurring.  I was less than thrilled to say the least!

Anyway, I managed to shut off the water and resolved to dig in and fix the problem the next morning.  After analyzing the problem the best I could, I basically conceded to the fact that cutting a hole in the living room ceiling’s drywall to get at the issue was the only reasonable solution.

When I mentioned this to my neighbor, who’s sort of an expert handyman, he suggested accessing the leak from the inside of the bathroom vanity instead – just cut away the drywall inside the vanity and simply replace it after the leak is fixed with plywood painted white, which will also allow easy access in the future.  Why didn’t I think of this solution in the first place?  I don’t know, but I’m sure glad I mentioned it to my neighbor before creating a gigantic mess out of the living room.

This serves as proof that it really does pay to ask for advice on any home improvement projects you’re getting ready to tackle, whether it’s a full blown DIY interior remodeling project, designing and building a new deck, turning that extra bedroom into a new home office, or even just basic decorating.  In the end, you’re not required to abide by the advice, but I can almost guarantee you’ll end up appreciating the insight offered!