Total Snow Ladner BC Canada Feb 24 2014

snowfall amount Ladner BC CanadaI’m sure you have heard crazy weather before all over the world including the latest Vancouver BC’s crazy snowfall. The latest snowfall measured from my balcony in Ladner BC, which is 30 minutes south of Vancouver to be just over 7 ½ inches or near 19 cm. With all the crazy weather worldwide it is hard not to hear about it. Not only was the snowfall crazy in Vancouver but all over the province of British Columbia and I am sure many other places.

Usually when it starts to snow on the West Coast shortly after the snow changes to rain and starts to melt and wash away. Not so this time, the snowfall started late afternoon on Saturday and finished mid-evening on Monday night. After snowing for nearly 48 hours the  total was near 7 1/2 inches or near 19+ cm.

I’m not sure if you can credit this to global warming or climate change but definitely the seasons are changing. For the longest time the weather was dry and fairly mild but now the winter season on the West Coast seems to be later and later every year. Spring is soon to be here and now it starts to snow. After the snowfall now the weather is clear and sunny, fairly mild like a spring day.

The scary thing with all global leaders pushing resource-based economies you would think global warming is only going to continue and not go away anytime soon. I’m not sure if these politicians are seeing the big picture (I think they do but it is about money to them and not the planet) but continuing to burn fossil fuels is only going to increase global warming. The amount of carbon injected into the atmosphere is only going to increase with the burning of fossil fuels so who knows what the future is going to look like.

Every time you watch the weather it seems like the severity of the world whether is only increasing. The more fossil fuels that are burned the more pollution that gets injected into the atmosphere the better chance of increased severity of these storms.

Another scary thing is there doesn’t seem to be much government support for alternative green energy. There might be but you don’t hear very often in the news it’s all about pipelines, resources and creating jobs.

I understand the creating jobs thing but I also understand there are alternatives. Governments these days seemed to be one so one-sided. Burn, mine and refine these fossil fuels creating more pollution in the atmosphere.

There should be a balance. You can use these fossil fuels as energy for today’s needs but slowly over time provide alternatives like solar power, geothermal, wind power and electricity etc.

In my opinion I guess it all boils down to big money. There is big money to be made in a resource-based economy but the sacrifices to the world are huge. It creates a lot of jobs out of the sacrifices of the world and our kids kids. It takes a few years to destroy it and millions of years to recover.

Feel free to leave any comments below. Would love to hear your thoughts about renewable energies, fossil fuels, environment and the attitudes of the government’s resource base economy.