Window Blinds – The Best Blinds for Your Home

Choosing window treatments for your home is never easy, particularly when you’re trying to choose between types of window blinds.  A couple of years after my family moved into our new home, I decided to replace the blinds on all of the windows.  To do so, I had to spend quite a bit of time researching the best choices for my needs.  Let me share with you a few of the things that I learned from my efforts.

Some Pointers for Choosing Blinds for Your Windows

When you’re thinking about blinds, a few questions should come to mind.  For one, you need to think about how much light you want to allow into the particular room.  For example, you may need to keep light out of bedrooms and living rooms while letting light into kitchens, playrooms, bathrooms, or dining rooms.  To minimize lighting you might want to consider privacy bamboo wood blinds.  Bamboo has become a popular choice because it’s moderately priced, decorative, and long-lasting.  If you choose the privacy version, an extra piece of fabric will be attached to the back of the blinds to stop that lighting from getting through.

If you’re talking about window coverings, then energy efficiency is probably also going to be a factor.  Your best choice is PVC backed vertical blinds.  Vertical window binds are a popular choice because they give you good control over lighting and privacy, but when you add the PVC material then you increase the ability of the blinds to block heat and cold from coming into your home uninvited.

The style of your home should also be worth considering when choosing window treatments.  Today’s contemporary-looking homes, for example, also look great with verticals and with some of the blinds made from faux materials that are now on the market.  However, if you have an older home, then wood window blinds are going to be the best choice.  They will match more nicely with the rest of your décor.  These styles of blinds are affordable and fit into most budgets.  Plus, they are fairly easy to find on the market in a variety of sizes to fit most home windows.

Other Factors for Blinds

As you may already have realized, some rooms are just more humid than others.  Your bathrooms, for instance, have a lot of humidity.  That humidity caused from your shower and all of the other water being used can damage many types of blinds that you could install in the room.  Vinyl blinds are a better choice because they stand up against the humidity and because they are affordable.

If you’re on a really tight budget, then mini blinds are your best choice.  They can also be a great window treatment to have in place while you decide which window blinds you prefer to use for your rooms.