Cork Flooring – Why it is Ideal For Your Home

Cork flooring is a type of flooring that is rapidly growing in popularity because of its many advantages. Not only can it be used throughout the home but it is also one of the bets types of flooring you can use for your bathroom due to its water resistant features.

As the name suggests, this type of flooring is made from the Cork Oak tree’s bark. Because of its composition, it produces enormous benefits for the look of your home, it saves you money, and it is environmentally friendly.

Natural Cork flooring in your home

When choosing your flooring, you want to look for something that is easy to install and that will last for a long time. Cork wood is extremely durable, so you never have to worry about wear and tear with your kids running around. Cork is also water resistant which makes it perfect for your bathroom.

Cork can blend in with all types of furniture, and will complement your décor. Because of its cushioning properties, it also reduces sound transmission, and this is particularly useful when you live in a double storey house.

If you are hesitant about getting wood flooring because of how it may hurt your feet, you can rest assured that flooring made from cork will provide you with adequate cushioning.

Benefits of cork on your pocket

Natural cork wood is very affordable because it is readily available and in popular demand. It is also easy to manufacture, so you will not have to compensate for high production costs.

You are also guaranteed to find it at almost any store that supplies wood flooring. Cork has a very complex composition, and this is what makes it durable and resistant to decay. This means you will not have to fork out hundreds of dollars every few years for repair or replacement. Cork flooring is the perfect long term investment.

Cork wood is environmentally friendly

Cork is perfect for any environmentally conscious individual. Since it is produced from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, there is no need to cut the entire tree down. No harmful chemicals are added during the production, so your home environment will remain safe.

Another benefit is that it produces certain chemicals that repel insects, so your home will also be free of bugs. Furthermore, the chemicals found in the wood have an antimicrobial effect. This means that they kill and prevent the spread of bacteria, which is great for reducing the spread of illness in your home.

Easy installation

The good thing about a cork floor is that you don’t need to hire an expert to install it for you, which saves you money. Installing your floor can easily be done by gluing or “floating” it.

Gluing your floors would be more appropriate for even surfaces; all you need is a good adhesive. It would be advisable to use cork tiles instead of one large piece. So if there are any problems, you will have easy access to it. Using the floating approach requires no glue; you simply lay down the wood and in most cases snap the joints together.

If you want to find out about cork flooring, and make life easier for yourself, go online on search for your flooring needs. Shopping online will allow you to browse a multitude of products from the comfort of your own home. It will also save you lots of time.

There you have it! Make cork wood flooring part of your home today.