Checking Your Engine Oil

I needed to check the engine oil on our Volkswagen Jetta. I should have done earlier in the day but I kept forgetting. I had to do it but it was now dark and night time.  When I checked the oil I couldn’t see the oil level very good.

What I did to see the oil level better was I moved the dip stick so the oil reflected off the street light. This way I could see the oil level better. Also it is an effective method to check the oil level when you have new clear oil that you can’t see very well on the dipstick.

Another tip is to shut off the engine and wait 5 minutes or more to check the oil level. This way the oil has time to settle down into the oil pan and you will get a more accurate reading. When you go to get gas and the attendant asks to check your oil and you say yes and he checks it, it’s not an accurate reading so you might want to check it later at home. You don’t want to put too much oil in your car.