Check Your Car Lights – Avoid a Ticket and Prevent An Accident

Have ever wondered if your car lights are working properly and not burnt out? Having a burnt out light bulb can cause a serious accident and annoy other drivers because they don’t know what you are going to do. You can also get a ticket if your lights are not working right.

A couple of easy tips you can do to check your lights by yourself without getting out of your car. You can do this if you have a truck, car or if your vehicle has LED (light emitting diodes) lights. Next time you’re at a shopping center or strip mall park in front of the glass windows. This will reflect your lights so you can check to see if they are working. Check your turn signals and headlight on normal and high beams. Also check your parking lights and if you have fog lights or any other cool lights you can check them too.

If you like you can reverse or back into a parking spot to check your back lights or next time you are shopping you can do it then. Look in your rear view mirror to see if the lights are working. Go from left to the right turn signal, step on the brakes to see if the brake lights are working, turn on your headlights to check the parking lights and put your vehicle in reverse to see it the back up lights are working. Make sure to apply the parking brake and have your foot on the brakes when checking the reverse lights.

Avoid a ticket and check your light on a regular basis.