Bathroom Sinks You Can Love

Bathroom sinks can really add beauty to any bathroom space. Regardless of your taste, you are bound to find one that will simply take your breath away. If you want to try something different, then you are in luck, detailed below are 3 different types of sinks, and their advantages, to help you make a decision:

Bathroom pedestal sink

If space is an issue when it comes to planning or remodeling your bathroom, pedestal sinks can take the worry out of building a counter. Although a pedestal sink stands by itself, you will find that it can give your bathroom a real sense of luxury and glamour.

Pedestal sinks come in a variety of colors, shades and shapes. An advantage to getting one is that you are not limited to positioning your pedestal sink in the middle of the room.  There are models that easily fit into one corner of your bathroom, which gives you more space to move when organizing your bathroom linens and toiletries.

Bathroom vessel sinks

Next, we have the bathroom vessel sink. This type of sink is one that lies on top of your counter, rather than being undermounted, like with traditional sinks.  Vessel sinks come in many different materials such as copper, stone, and ceramic.  They also come in many different quirky shapes, so you are bound to find one to suit your style.

If you have a little more counter space, you may want to install double vessel sinks. Not only are they great for making the most of your counter space, they are also guaranteed to make your bathroom stand out.

When installing double vessel sinks, you have to be careful.  Damage in the wrong place can be unsightly if you install one made of a weak material such as ceramic.  These sinks are a little more expensive than traditional sinks, and if the style you’ve selected is limited, damage to one may force you to replace both sinks even if the other one is still in good condition.

Glass sinks

If you are looking for elegance in your bathroom, a great way to achieve this is with a glass sink. For a floating effect, you can have them undermounted onto a transparent counter with a solid countertop to add some personal flair.  Top it off with a nature themed décor, linen and bathroom tiles, and it is bound to receive a few “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” from your bathroom visitors.

Vanity sinks

If you are more of a minimalist and hate seeing sink pipes sticking out from the wall, a vanity sink will be perfect for you.  They come in lots of different designs, but the most common are ones made of hardwood with stone countertops.

Picking the right bathroom sink can really make a huge difference in your bathroom. If you are updating your bathroom, why not spice things up a fabulous sink to match? Go on, enjoy the luxury you deserve!