Bathroom Flooring – Adding Beauty With The Right Types

Believe it or not, your bathroom says a lot about the homeowner.  What’s the first thing that catches someone’s eye?  You guessed it…it’s the bathroom floor!

So, if you are shopping for some ideas for the floor of your bathroom, you should consider a finish that is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also safe and waterproof.  After all, a beautiful bathroom shouldn’t give anyone the slip…so to speak.

Other considerations are maintenance (especially if you are going to do all the cleaning), whether the products are eco-friendly, costs, as well as the overall pros and cons of using such materials.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are the most commonly selected type of flooring material, primarily because it is cheap and easily available at your local hardware store.  Unfortunately however, if they are too cheap, they may break easily and you will wind up spending a little more getting them replaced.

Usually you will find bathrooms with boring white ceramic tiles fitted.  If you want your bathroom to be anything but boring, then we have good news: you have other kinds of flooring to choose from!

  • Laminate and Vinyl. Typically found in a lot of modern apartment buildings, laminate and vinyl bathroom flooring are available in tons of colors and designs, from stripes, to paisleys, to dots.  Newer versions can even fool someone into thinking they are made of ceramic, wood, tile or even stone!

Good news for your tile setter: they are extremely easy to put in and set.  Good news for you:  they don’t cost a pretty penny!

  • Linoleum. For our environment-conscious customers, linoleum is an old friend.  They’re produced from alternative materials such as jute, ground cork and limestone.  It’s not as expensive as stone, but it is definitely more durable than vinyl bathroom flooring.
  • Concrete. I know what you’re thinking…concrete isn’t all that pretty; however it is the perfect choice for public bathrooms that have rows of showers or where the floors are constantly wet.  They also create a rustic feel for your bathroom, and are not too expensive, easy to maintain and will last a long time.
  • Hardwood Flooring. This type of flooring is engineered so that it is easy to maintain, easy to install and resist wear and tear.  It’s a blessing to have them in high altitude areas or otherwise cold areas. You will also have to take care of them against moisture so you can enjoy the wooden finish longer.
  • Stone. There are a number of materials that can make your stone bathroom flooring look trendy and fabulous.  Marble and granite are common types of stone flooring, and are very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Good news for you: it’s a lasting investment.  Some not-so-good news: it can be extremely expensive per square foot and can also be quite a health hazard.

  • Mosaic. If you’re looking for something intricately designed, then mosaic should top your list.  You or your contractor may have a hell of a time getting this installed, but the outcome is nothing less than spectacular.

The only thing is, it can be just as expensive (if not more) than stone.  But if you’re really have a desire for a mosaic pattern on your floor, you may want to concentrate that design on one focal point in the room.

Now that you know the different types of bathroom flooring, have fun making your selection and putting some zing on your floor!