About The Author

Hi my name is Scott Gray. I am a freelance writer and web site publisher. Back in 2004 I started my publishing career and I been building web sites every since. I live in Ladner BC. Canada and I have lived in my home since 1991. I do most of the maintenance myself.

As the Internet and computers grew I found myself having an interest in how they work, the information they offer and the benefits they can have on peoples lives. One thing that discouraged me was the lack of quality informational web sites. That’s when I decided to build a web site on home maintenance. In March 2007 I launched Everyday Handyman www.everydayhandyman.com.

The goal of the site is to help people learn about home improvement, home maintenance, home repairs and all other everyday handyman things.

I hope you find the site helpful. Be sure to fill in the contact us form and let us know what you think or any thing you would like to see on the site.

Have a fantastic day