Tips for Choosing Residential Exterior Doors

One of the improvements I wanted to make to my home immediately was to replace some of the residential exterior doors. When we went through our first walk through the property with our realtor, I had decided if my family bought that house then those doors would have to go. And I stuck to my … Read more

Important Home Insulation Tips – For Saving Money

My in-laws live in an old, but lovely, home that was built quite a long time before the 1970’s. Why is that important? Well, prior to that decade and the Energy Crisis that came along with it most families didn’t care about home insulation. That’s why my in-laws’ heating and cooling bills were always high … Read more

Repairing Drywall – Make It Easier By Avoiding It Altogether!

Repairing drywall is definitely an art. Sure, it’s always easy to cut through drywall to get access to a leaking pipe or run new wiring, perhaps for the new ceiling fan you’re getting ready to install. But repairing holes in drywall where access was made is a bit more difficult than making the hole in … Read more

Gutter Cleaning – A Messy Job Someone Has To Do

Most houses have gutters and that means most home owners need to be out there cleaning those gutters periodically.  Unfortunately, it’s not a pleasant job so most people let it go.  The results are usually clogged gutters and downspouts, foundation damage, and water damage to your home.  Plus, clogged gutters can become so heavy with … Read more

WD-40 – Lubricate Car Locks And Prevent From Freezing

Surely you’re familiar with WD-40. It’s lubrication in a can for all kinds of things from bicycle chains to squeaky door hinges to – well, just about anything imaginable. I guess you could say it’s like duct tape in a can, but only sort of the polar opposite. I’ve used the product for just about … Read more