Dealing with Common Floor Tile Problems

Description: Replacing floor tiles leads to problems matching grout colors, finding the right ceramic tiles, and more, but it is doable if you know all of your options. Dealing with Common Floor Tile Problems After I bought my first home, one of the first jobs I took on was to replace the floor tiles in the … Read more

House Paint Decisions Made a Little Easier

One of the most enjoyable types of home improvement you can do to your home is paint. The whole family can get involved in the process, and a couple of coats of paint can make a dramatic change to your home. However, you can’t just buy a can of paint and a brush then get … Read more

Important Tips for Buying Car Tires

When your car breaks down, you expect to spend quite a bit of money to fix the problem. You don’t usually think of spending hundreds of dollars for maintenance but that’s what happens when you are buying car tires. To help you get the most from your investment, you should follow some basic tips. Buying … Read more

Mold and Mildew: Big But Preventable Problems

No one wants to hear the words “Mold and mildew problem” in connection with their home. Mold has become one of those red flags that will dramatically decrease the value of your home and, even worst, that can cause illness in your family. Generally, mold and mildew (two names for basically the same thing) grow … Read more

Cleaning Up with the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Homes need vacuum cleaners but choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs can be a real challenge. Recently, I had to make this important decision after our current vacuum stopped working right in the middle of cleaning the carpet. What I discovered was that making the choice is about compromise and that there’s a … Read more